Special Recommendation

  • Alone In the World


    A fourteen year old Ben explains the entire story of his childhood: after his parents died in a car accident, he and Seth survives the horror of foster care system, until Ben pushes his abusive foster father down the stairs. Now out of prison, Ben sought to escape the clutches of the police, crooks, and liars to get to Seth and find a new life in California with the help of his late parent's old cop friend: Aaron. If this is your first time reading this short story, after this is my first book Kidnapped.

  • A Vampire's Demon Husband


    This is the sequel to 'A Demon's Vampire Wife'. Tegan was recently kidnapped from Cole by her biological parents who appeared out of the blue at the end of the previous book. Will Cole and Tegan find their way back to each other or will they be kept apart? front cover made by @ATXNNA

  • Married To My Enemy


    Sequel of Married To Mr Billionaire Not necessary to read the prequel. "So, you married me to murder me, Jes? I said as I looked at my wife. "Austin, don't move, or else, I am really going to shoot you," Jes said, pointing the gun at me. I looked at her and smiled. "I know you won't do that," I said, leaning closer to her. "Why do you think I can't shoot you, Austin? I am a gangster after all," Jes said but her hands were shaking. "I know you can't, Jes . . ." I said as I leaned closer to her and and took the gun away from her. "Because, you are falling in love with me." --------●-------●------●--------●---------●--------●---------●---------------- Austin, son of Jasmin and Eden Tennyson, now 25 years old bachelo,r who is the head of the famous radio company. Austin never dated any girl because he thinks that woman also chase him for money and frame as Austin is the son of Eden who is a famous businessman. Jes, a simple girl who was trained to murder Austin from her childhood by her step-dad. Her only goal in her life is to hurt Austin, even when she knew nothing about him. She was forced to become a gangster and she enjoyed hurting people until she met Austin. What will happen when Austin and Jes are bound to get arranged marriage? What will happened when Austin's only goal is make Jes love him when her only goal is to hurt Austin? What will happen when the wedding which is suppose to be bound with love is actually only bounding with hatred? Read this book to find out.

  • Uncharted Territory

    Delphine Q

    Mutts are not accepted. They are not tolerated, they are not loved, and they are not allowed to live.